Director of Fast and Furious 9 reveals how much is left to conclude the film

Hollywood continues to try to cope the best it can with this pandemic that has delayed series and films, both their launch and their internal work, Fast and Furious 9 which is the case of the Justin Lin production where Toretto and company will take us through various action scenes that you will not be able to lose, fortunately the director reveals that Fast and Furious 9 is about to be completed.

So far it is known that two more productions are missing to finalize the franchise that still has various spin-offs on the way, such as the sequel to ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ and a version where only the women of this successful franchise will arrive that has not stopped since 2001.

Movies like this that have a good amount of special effects have been in post-production for a long time, but also the sound, as the engines have to be strong. According to information from Comicbook, the director reveals that ‘Fast and Furious 9‘ is nearing completion and that the sound is ready. Hopefully this time it will not have to move from its last release date scheduled for May 28, 2021, of course it will not depend on the director, but on the current pandemic.

“I started planning ‘Fast 10’ before I started filming ‘Fast 9’,” Diesel recently told Total Film. “The universe is so robust and so rich in talent and rich in stories that, on a certain level, it’s totally feasible to have spin-offs, and I think that’s inevitable. Universal deserves it for all they have invested in this little saga, and it would be nice to give something back to Universal. And for the fans, if ‘Fast 10’ parts one and two were the conclusion, it would be nice if this world continues for generations to come. “

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