Fast and Furious will say delayed with movie 11

Fast & Furious 9, according to Michelle Rodriguez, will take its characters into space once it opens on May 28, 2021 after being delayed by the coronavirus, but this is not as far as the family can go by Dominic Toretto, but there will be two more films in the blockbuster saga.

The idea that was initially raised was that Fast and Furious 9 ninth installment (which John Cena points to as Dom’s long-lost brother) would lead to a tenth and final film that would develop the end of the story that Vin Diesel has been leading. And yet, according to Deadline now, Universal has decided to conclude the saga with a Fast & Furious 11.

Given the creative budgets of the franchise, so many films in anticipation should not surprise anyone, Fast & Furious 9 released in Mexico although it is curious that the studio has decided to use the same person for this macro project. This is Justin Lin, the only director who has repeated in Fast & Furious: his are the third, fourth, fifth and sixth installments, having returned to the saga with the unreleased Fast & Furious 9.

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