John Cena says fans will be delighted with ‘Fast & Furious 9’

Because the coronavirus pandemic forced the studios to change the arrival date of their next productions, fans of this popular franchise will have to wait a long time to witness the ninth installment, however, everything seems to indicate that it will be worth it. worth the wait time as, John Cena talked about ‘Fast and Furious 9’ and revealed some details.

It seems that the director, Justin Lin, has great ideas to take the franchise to the next level and that the saga does not continue to wear down its formula, Fast and Furious 9 Movie so now that he has returned to one of his favorite stories he plans to give it a second wind, for what has started to spread the rumor that the new installment will present scenes in outer space.

Thus, fans can no longer contain the desire to see this new film and John Cena knows it well, so during his participation in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the actor revealed that the film will show the legacy that he has been creating. the entire saga and that surely this ninth installment will delight fans of the franchise.

“Fast 9 is very similar to BTS, they have this global fan base because they have been making these movies for twenty years. It’s been a legacy project and the latest installment, everyone knows that Fast is going to kill when it comes to the action. What I love about Fast 9 is that people are going to see how that legacy is intertwined. It’s nowhere near what Fast is going to do next for action; it’s action on the edge of your seat. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you get your questions answered, you get new questions that you can develop, it’s another point of support for the narrative. That’s what I love, “Cena said.

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